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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Tragedy For PG In LV

Friday was a great day for basketball fans, especially USA Basketball fans, because the USA team was having a team scrimmage before they set their hopes for the FIBA World Cup of Basketball. It was a very intense, hard fought out game until about midway through the 4th Quarter. Because there was no more game left. The scrimmage was called mid 4th Quarter because Indiana Pacers G/F Star Paul George suffered a gruesome injury that I and many others would rather not show to the public. George was trying to contest a James Harden fastbreak layup when he landed awkwardly. It looked like his foot got caught in the spacing between the floor and stanchion (thing that holds basket up) and most his whole leg was twisted in a very awkward and disturbing position. However, in the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas has stanchions are about 2 feet closer than the stanchions in most NBA Arenas including George's Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indiana, so he wasn't expecting the stanchion to be there when he landed.The injury was so bad that none of the players wanted to continue playing so the game was called. Later examinations determined that George had a fractured tibula-fibula. He had successful surgery on the leg yesterday but is expected to be sidelined from the NBA for a whole season. This is an even bigger blow now that Indiana lost G Lance Stephenson to the Charlotte Hornets via free agency. I would like to pay my respect to Paul George and George's family. I hope he has a speedy recovery and is back to the old Paul George ASAP. And lastly, the injury to George was very gruesome and disturbing and not very likable. I have chosen not to show any pictures, videos or any evidence of the injury because of how bad it was. I personally advise you not to look for any photographic evidence of the injury, especially for the younger viewers.

Monday, July 28, 2014

NBA Free Agency And Inactive Appology

Hey guys! I'm back! Before I start this post I just want to sincerely apologize for not having posted in a while. I've had a very busy Summer. And speaking of a very busy Summer, there has been a very busy Summer in the NBA as the 2014 NBA Free Agency is free flowing and isn't over. Here are some of the big names that have signed during the 2014 NBA Free Agency period:

LeBron James:

 The best player in the world is moving back to Cleveland. LeBron opted out of his Heat contract to return to his home state of Ohio to play for the Cavs who birthed him into the league for his first 7 years. The deal is for 2 years, with an option after year 1. Former Heat and Grizzlies sharpshooter Mike Miller elects to rejoin LBJ, but this time in Cleveland.

Carmelo Anthony:

Melo, after speculation to go to my Chicago Bulls, the LA Lakers, Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks among others, he decides to stay in New York and re-sign with the New York Knicks. The deal is for 5 years and $125M.

Chandler Parsons:

Continuing the Small Forward free agent talk, former Houston Rocket Chandler Parsons, who was let go by Houston in part of their search to get Melo or Chris Bosh, was later signed by the Dallas Mavericks. Houston didn't get Melo or Bosh, but did replace Parsons with former Wizards Forward Trevor Ariza.

Paul Pierce:

With Trevor Ariza on the move to Texas, the Wizards needed another SF to replace him. So they signed G/F Paul Pierce. "The Truth" signed a 2 year, $10M deal.

Chris Bosh:

Bosh, after speculation of signing with the Houston Rockets, elects to stay with the Miami Heat for 5 years and $118M.

Dwyane Wade:

D-Wade along with Bosh decides to re-sign with the Miami Heat. He signed a 2 year deal. Others to sign with Miami: F/C Josh McRoberts, F Danny Granger.

Gordon Hayward:

The young Jazz G/F Gordon Hayward was offered a sheet by the Charlotte Hornets for 4 years $63M but the offer sheet was matched by the Utah Jazz so Mr. Hayward will start next year in the Salt Lake City.

Pau Gasol:

The former Laker Forward to take his talents to the Windy City as he elects to go to the Chicago Bulls. Him, along with overseas phoneme Nikola Mirotic and Aaron Brooks signed with my Chicago Bulls.

That's everyone I can think of for now, but if you think of any more players, tell me in the comments section below. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. Bai!

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Spurs Defeat The Heat And Destroy The Three-Peat (Freestyle!)

The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat 104-87 last night. That was the Spurs 4th win in a best of 7 series. Meaning that the San Antonio Spurs are the 2014 NBA Champions! The win last night lead to the Spurs 5th all-time Championship, last in 2007 against LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers. And the Miami Heat. After winning the last 2 NBA Championships, (including last year against the Spurs), and making to the Finals for 3 straight years. The Finals MVP was 22 year old Forward Kawhi Leonard. Leonard is the youngest Finals MVP since his teammate Tim Duncan when Mr. Fundamentals Timmy D won his first NBA Championship in 1999.


(P.S. I was rooting for the Spurs the whole time.)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ruby Andre Drummond!!! Limited Time Only!

Hey guys! I've got some NBA 2K14 MyTeam news that you need to know! This is a locker code for a Ruby Andre Drummond! This is for Next Gen (PS4/XB1) only but it really helps. However, this code is limited. This code expires at 8:00 pm ET (ET=eastern time) so get it ASAP. Sadly for me I already had Emerald Andre Drummond so Ruby isn't much of a difference. Anyway before I leave you guys here's the code:


Peace guys! Hope you get your Ruby Andre Drummond!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Phil Jackson And Derek Fisher Reunite; From Hollywood To The Big Apple

Many reports say that former Laker (and Thunder) Point Guard Derek Fisher has signed a 5-Year 25 Million dollar deal. Right now you may be thing "Wait, Derek Fisher is 39 years old. How is he going to play 5 more years in the NBA?" Well I would hope that you were thinking something like that because then you'll learn something today. Derek Fisher is going to be the Head Coach of the New York Knicks.

Later peeps!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Finals Rematch Heat @ Spurs But Why Spurs? (Hear Me Out Spurs Fans)

The Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs are coming back to the NBA Finals for the second straight year. Well, both teams I should say because the Heat have made the Finals for 4 straight years (including this year) with 2 championships (and counting) along the way. The Spurs beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in 6 games. And this is the reason I say Why Spurs? Why 6 games? If it was 7 games, it would've been a better series, and  we wouldn't have to wait 4 days to see more basketball. Well, the fact of the matter is that the Spurs and Heat are doing great these Playoffs and I want to congratulate both of them and wish them the best in the NBA Finals (except for the Heat, LET'S GO SPURS!!!!!) 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ex Microsoft CEO Ballmer Buys Clippers

Reported first by the LA Times and then clarified by ESPN earlier today. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer won the bid for the Los Angeles Clippers ownership role. His bid was an astounding 2 billion dollars! Other offers were 1.6 billion dollars from a group led by David Geffen but the legendary Magic Johnson was part of it. Another bid was 1.2 billion led by Tony Ressler and Steve Karsh but included newly retired Grant Hill in the group.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

GSW Splash Brother Steph Curry Wins Kia NBA Community Assist Award

Hey guys! Although Clippers Guard Chris Paul may have been the league's best assist man on the court, today Warriors Guard Steph Curry won the Kia Community Assist Seasonlong Award. Steph was 6th in APG (Assists Per Game) this Regular Season with 8.5 dimes a game but stepped up off the court to win an award that most people would love to have on their record. This might be great and all, but I bet there's still one more thing that he wants on his record. An NBA Championship.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Grizz Coach Joerger Signs Contract Extension + Lakers Coaching Situation

Grizzlies Head Coach Dave Joerger signed a presumed (likely) 2-year contract with the Grizz on Tuesday after being interviewed by the Timberwolves for a coaching spot. And speaking of the Grizzlies, and Head Coaches, former Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins was asked by the LA Lakers for a coaching spot. He, fellow LA Laker, and great rebounder, Kurt Rambis are among the ones who have been interviewed by LA.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nets D-Will Needs Surgery On Both Ankles (Nets Fans Don't Read This)

Brooklyn Nets Guard Deron Williams needs surgery on both of his ankles. The operation will be performed next week. In his right ankle, he will have a bone chip removed and on his left ankle bone spurs (which is weird because he plays for the Nets, not the Spurs) removed. I have not heard of him being scratched from the opening day lineup, however it is very likely.

Sorry, Nets fans :(

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cavs Get The Number 1 (Teehee :D!) Pick In The Draft... Again!!!

The Cleveland Cavaliers received the 1st pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. The Cavs will get the 1st pick in the Draft for the 2nd straight year. Last year, they shocked everybody by drafting Canadian Anthony Bennett 1st overall, and he didn't pan out so well in his rookie season. This year, they might continue the north of the border swing by drafting Forward Andrew Wiggins from Kansas. Also, the Cavs are in need of a big man so they may go with Wiggins' former Kansas teammate C Joel Embiid. However, they may also draft another one of elite players Forward Jabari Parker from Duke. Or they might just pick someone else, and surprise us like they did last year.


(Tell me in the comments section below and/or on the poll that is on the side)

P. S. The Cavs only had a 1.7% chance (out of a 25.0% chance) of getting the #1 pick.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

NBA 2K14 MyTeam: A Review Of MyTeam

Hey guys! Here's a review of my NBA2K14 MyTeam roster:


PG: 97-98 Michael Jordan (CHI), Gold 
SG: Paul George (IND), Gold
SF: Andre Iguodala (GSW), Ruby
PF: Tim Duncan (SAS), Gold
C: Dwight Howard (HOU), Gold


PG: Kyle Lowry (TOR), Silver 
SG: Monta Ellis (DAL), Gold
SF: Tyreke Evans (NOP), Gold
PF: Blake Griffin (LAC), Gold
C: Andre Drummond (DET), Emerald
SF: Luol Deng (CHI at the time), Silver
PF: 70-71 Bill Bridges (ATL), Silver 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

With The 2nd Round Of The Playoffs Finished, We're On To The Conference Finals

The 2014 NBA Playoffs were off to a "blazing" start (Just coincidence to the Blazers). The 1st Round was one of the best in NBA history and the 2nd wasn't as exciting but it's the NBA. You know, "Where Amazing Happens", especially in the Playoffs. It's the Conference Finals now and the teams that are still alive an fighting for an NBA Championship under their belt, are probably who you'd expect. In the East, it's #2 seed Miami Heat @ #1 seed Indiana Pacers, which by the way, is going to start like right now on ABC. In the West,  it's #2 seed Oklahoma City Thunder @ #1 seed San Antonio Spurs which is tomorrow at 9 ET (eastern time) on TNT. For game-by-game info and stats go to or the bracket

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Steve Kerr Signs A Five-Year Deal To Coach... The Golden State Warriors!

Former Bulls/Cavaliers Guard Steve Kerr signed a five-year deal (as a Head Coach) with the Golden State Warriors. If you didn't already know, Golden State fired previous Head Coach Mark Jackson. I think everyone was surprised about that, including Mark Jackson himself. Also, many were surprised that Steve Kerr did not sign with the New York Knicks after they fired previous Head Coach Mike Woodson. The Knicks showed a lot of interest in Kerr, but sadly for the Knicks, he signed with the Warriors. 

Lastly, I think that the Knicks should sign former Knickerbocker himself, one of the NBA's greatest passers EVER, former Golden State Warriors Head Coach, Mark Jackson. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hey guys! This is about another Youtuber! If you saw my last post on my other blog, I said that I would possibly write about a Youtuber on this blog. And I am. So the Youtuber that I'm writing about is... DRUMROLL PLEASE... Shake4ndBake (AKA Shake and Bake). He's a Youtuber of not only NBA 2K but also Outlast Whistleblower, MLB The Show 14 and much more. He even made his own PC version of NBA 2K MyTeam called MyTeam 2.0! He is an awesome Youtuber and is really worth it to watch him. But before I leave, as always, I need to show you one of Shake4ndBake's traditions. He is known for his iced tea. He drinks it as a good luck charm and might even get a little to crazy with it sometimes. Here's a video (link) to show you his crazy side.